Thursday, December 16, 2010

Game Day, 12/16/10, Wild vs. Senators, Final Wild 1-Senators 3 (3rd was empty net)

Wild score early. It was 1-0 within the first 5 minutes of the game.

After 1 period, the Wild still lead 1-0. They've had 11 shots on goal vs. the Senators' 6 shots.

After 2 periods the Senators are up 2-1. Frustrating period. Ottawa just seemed in control the whole time. They had 12 shots that period and the Wild only had 6.

Game over, folks. Wild lose 3-1. That third goal was am empty-netter, so doesn't count against Théo. He saved 22 or 24 shots tonight. He drops to 4-5-1. :( Maybe a trade wouldn't be such a bad thing...this team just can't score!!

José's stats for this season so far:
4-5-1, .915 SV% (ranked 18th), 2.71 GAA (ranked 31st)


  1. After the disallowed Wild goal, the Ottowa goal really took away the momentum.


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