Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shifting Gears Temporarily...12/15/09 Post-Game Video after Win

I just found tonight's game so disappointing since the Wild couldn't score. José kept them in the game for most of it, and they just couldn't make the goals. So, since we are pretty much guaranteed there won't be any Theo interviews after tonight's game, I'm going to post this video from last December. I found it recently, and just hadn't posted it yet. But it might be a bit of a pick-me-up for some of us.

This was from 12/15/09 after the Capitals beat the Avs 6-1. This was his first game back in Colorado.  He discusses how he felt seeing some of his old teammates from Colorado ("It was a little bit of sadness, a funny feeling...even this morning, seeing some of the other guys skating, like I said I really enjoyed my time here and it's good to come back here and have a big win.")

José's part of the video begins at around the :30 mark. I'm always happy when I get to see him wipe his face/nose like he often does in videos. I find that adorable. And then there was at least one of my favorite "for sure's" in there. Ah, make me smile. ;o) So enjoy the video from a year ago...when things were going better for José's team.

Even though lots of Avs fans seem to have much dislike for Theo, I've read some very nice quotes from his former Avs teammates. And I think that's more important to most athletes, and I think especially to José. I think they want their teammates to think highly of them, and what the fans think is out of their control. Here are a few of my favorites:

"When he had his struggles, and I think this is important, he really endeared himself with his hard work. He didn't ever pout, and he was a really great teammate."
- Kelly Hrudey on Theodore's positive attitude after being benched, 2007

"His emotions, his maturity . . . maybe he was always in control of his emotions, but I see him as being very level-headed. He's very calm, focused on his own job. Patrick was different. Patrick was very vocal and Jose is quiet. He gives off a controlled vibe, which is good for the rest of us. He's not rattled, which is a good way to lead. If he doesn't like something the 'D' did, we just talk about it."
- Adam Foote comparing Theodore to Patrick Roy, 2008

"Theo's more laid back and just relaxes out there."
- Joe Sakic comparing Theodore to Patrick Roy, 2008

"Jose is a very talented goalie. He's just a guy you really trust back behind you. If there is a mistake, he's going to bail you out for sure."
- John-Michael Liles on Theodore holding Minnesota scoreless in the first 2 periods of Game 1 and 2 of the playoffs, 2008

"Even with the tough times, he had a great attitude. He's a terrific guy to have in net."
- John-Michael Liles on having Theodore as a teammate, 2008


  1. Thanks for the video, it did help me feel better about tonight's game FOR SURE. :) Most players are really classy guys (unless they're called Sean Avery), it's the fans that mess everything up lol.

  2. Glad I could help. ;o) Haha. Sean Avery...haven't heard much good about him. For sure.

  3. Oh, he's actually such a dick it's funny to see/hear him. You know, seeing him trying to screen Brodeur is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen... and when Brodeur wouldn't shake his hand after a game, Avery called him fat in an interview lol so mature.

  4. I remember Avery going to talk to Theo in the 2009 playoffs, and he seemed to really annoy Theo, having him poke him with his stick and then getting ran over by Fedorov.

  5. I've seen that video! And I thought, wow, he must be a jerk, because you don't see Theo get annoyed with other players too much. I mean, he might get annoyed, but it doesn't usually show. ;o)

  6. Just what I thought lol Avery brings the worst out every goalie... I think only Varly didn't react to his taunts, even after he got punched on the side of his mask, he just kept his cool.


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