Friday, December 10, 2010

Theo in Nets Saturday vs. LA Kings

From Mike Russo:

Michael Russo

#mnwild Matt Cullen (groin) out vs #lakings; Greg Zanon (arm)/John Madden (upper) possible; Wild will call up fwd in morning; Theo in net

Saturday, Dec. 11, 2010: Wild @ Kings, 9:30 CST

And now just a random photo showing José's great smile (with the Hanson Brothers.)


  1. I once saw a hockey game that featured a team that wears that jersey, the Johnstown Chiefs in Pennsylvania. Very cool. The Hanson brothers are awesome lol And love José's smile, and love even more that we'll be able to see him Saturday! :D

  2. Did you know the movie Slapshot was based on a true story...the writer's brother played for the Johnstown Jets in Pennsylvania? You probably knew that whole connection, since you lived in PA for a bit. Have you seen the movie? My favorite part is after the big Hanson Brothers fight(the one that started in warm-ups.) And the ref goes over and starts yelling at the one during the National Anthem. And the Hanson gets mad and screams, "I'm trying to listen to the $%^*ing song!!" Oh how I laughed. ;o)

    Oh, and I'm ecstatic he's playing Saturday!! Crossing our fingers helped!

  3. I saw the movie ages ago, I barely remember it lol I downloaded it a couple weeks ago, and will watch once I'm done with my last exam. I have a lot of movies to watch and books to read over my summer vacation. But I do remember that part of the movie, because I laughed a lot lol!

    Crossing fingers always works ;P

  4. One of my friends at work is from Johnstown. He was an extra in some of the crowd scenes in the hockey arena. He says he didn't see the parade with Paul Newman, since his mom was in a hurry to take him home from a dentist apppointment. Needless to say, it's taken him awhile to forgive his mother, but he's glad he had that connection to the movie.


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