Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wild at Stars, 12/06/10 (Final: Wild 3 - Stars 4 in OT)

I've read some pretty glum predictions for this game. Let's hope the Wild prove them wrong. I'm sure Theo will do all he can, but the whole team needs to show up. Let's go, Wild!! This is what I read over at the Hockey Wilderness:

"The Wild will have their hands full tonight. On the tail end of a back-to-back, with travel, and with that travel delayed at the airport. A late arrival in Dallas means no morning skate, and most likely a tired Wild team. Add all that up with a team the Wild would have struggled with in the first place, and this game could and should be an ugly one.

José Theodore will likely get the start, and will likely face 40 shots or better. The team in front of him has been unable to limit shots when they had a full night's rest. How they could give up fewer while exhausted is unfathomable. Oh, and the Wild are horrible in Dallas."


After 1st period, Wild trail 1-0. Could be worse. José faced 7 shots, one got through. He was screened, couldn't see it at all.

After 2nd period, Wild trail 2-1. I feel they're making a comeback!! He's faced 16 shots so far. Defense is helping. Although they are also screening José themselves, leading to goals.

Game went to OT where José was again screened by his own guy and his old buddy Robidas put it past him. I think it went better than most thought it would though. That's something.

The Wild got a point out of it...that's something else. Theo ended up saving 29 of 33 shots. And the photographers didn't do a very good job of taking Theo photos tonight...he was only in that one that I've found so far. I'll keep trying. Might have to resort to more screen captures.

The Wild now have 4 days off. They play in Phoenix on Thursday the 9th.


So my Dallas feed didn't show me Theo getting feisty with Ott after Ott had words with him. This is how the in-game commentary explained it: "4:02 - Again, well after Theodore gloves a long shot from the blue line, Ott, who is at least 20 feet away, goes all the way to the crease to start jabbering at Theo. Brent Burns is there and he quickly horsecollars Ott and pulls him out of there. I think it's about time for Brad Staubitz to find Ott out there. This is infuriating me."

So because my feed didn't show that, I can't post anything. I'm irritated I couldn't see it.
Here's the aftermath. Burns in between Ott and Theo.

But I did see when Ott skated over Theo and didn't get called on it. Here's the commentary of that: "17:52 - This time it's Clutter's nemesis with a breakaway in the Wild zone. Richards finds Ott with a long lead pass. He goes in full steam and then shoots from about five feet out and of course keeps going and barrels into Theodore. He wasn't pushed, so I don't know why there's no call here, and I'd also like a Wild player to step up and rattle this guy's cage."
Here's a blurry screen cap of that.

And what irritated me the most was the smug look on Ott's face afterwards. I won't keep this photo up after tonight, because I want to smack his face off of his face!!


  1. I think I've been about to have a heart attack about 60 times this game. So fucking intense!

  2. I agree. My heart was pounding in my chest for the last 2 periods. Especially after they tied it up and and I thought they had a chance. I get so nervous for Theo...I just want him to get some wins!! Is that too much to ask?!!

  3. i think the team needs to step it up. i don't get to watch the games on tv, so i don't watch many of them and therefore i guess i'm in no position to talk about how the team is doing. but from what i have seen and heard, they need to step it up and score more goals. théo is making 25+ saves a night, he's playing AMAZINGLY but yet the team can't get him a win.. let's go boys, c'est beau théo, continue! :)

  4. Luckily I was able to sign up for GameCenter Live so I could watch the games online. Otherwise I wouldn't get to see any of them either.

    He has done remarkably well. 29 more saves tonight. He's getting screwed over by his teammates an awful lot. I don't want to talk badly about them too much, but it's frustrating. They are a frustrating bunch.

  5. Ok, I think I've updated the entry with final stuff. I'll keep looking for more photos though. I doubt there will be any I must go try to find screen captures of Theo getting feisty with Ott the Oaf.

  6. It was a good game at least, didn't feel like watching a 60-minute-long game of kill-the-goalie.

    Theo doesn't like Ott, and I don't like Ott either. He deserved way more than a poke in the legs. Maybe a jab or something. :P

    And my drawing... meh, it's not too good, but I'm gonna upload it... I might get back to work on it sometime, but for know it stays half finished... lol

  7. I checked out the "in-game commentary" over on the Wild's site. I like reading that guy's commentary (his name is Glen Andresen), because he's always funny. I go there after the game to see his take on the goals. He told me specifically where the Ott incident was, so I'm going right now. I think the only person who might like Ott is his mother...

    I'll check out the drawing in a bit! I'm sure it's better than you think.

  8. It's not bad, but def my worst Theo one. It's just that my laptop is broken, so I had to sit at my dad's computer on his desk, and I'm not used to the light/angle that the chair provides, and it just turned out weird.

    Not only Ott's mum likes him... the Stars' announcers obviously have a huge mancrush on him as well

  9. I'm most displeased. Ott got 1st star. Excuse me while I vomit and cry out my pain.

  10. Well, shoot!! I only get to see the Dallas feed on GameCenter, and they didn't show the back-and-forth with Théo and Ott! I saw him skate toward Théo, then it cut to Richards skating to the bench. I heard whistles, and when they went back, I saw Burns in between Ott and Théo. Darnit!! I wanted to see feisty Théo!!

  11. Sorry, just saw your comment about Ott getting first star. I saw that also and I did throw up a little in my mouth!

  12. I should say, for those like me who don't get to see the games, there's plenty of online streams that are free. Sometimes the quality is shitty, but there's always the nice HD feed. :)

  13. Thanks for that info! If I had been watching that one, I would've gotten to see José being feisty! ;o) I'm hoping it shows up on YouTube eventually...


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