Thursday, December 2, 2010

Joanne's Theo Story

A few days ago I put out a call to my readers and asked if anyone would like to share any Theo stories they might have (times they met him, or why they are a fan, etc.) Here's where I made the call, and if anyone else would like to share, feel free to send your story along. I have one other besides Joanne's, so I'll be posting that one in a few days.

So here we go with Joanne's story. Thanks so much, Joanne, for sharing!! It's a wonderful story! (And by the way, I probably would've cried too, so don't be embarrassed. ;o)

And here's the photo of Joanne with José that day. He looks so genuinely kind here...

I have been a Theo fan since he started with the Habs. He was my first idol ever and will always be my idol. My dream was always to meet him and my parents knew it. My parents got in contact with someone (who I won't name) to find out if there was any way to meet him. They told my parents that it wouldn't be possible to meet him where I live (Montréal), but that it would be possible in Washington. My parents decided to organize a family trip up to Washington, a 4 day trip (basically 2 days because on the Thursday, we drove up there and on the Sunday we drove back, 12 hours each way!).

They gave me the tickets to the Caps home opener the day before we left, so Wednesday September 30th. We drove up there on the 1st of October and it was a very long drive! We visited the city of Washington on Friday. It is a beautiful city and one that I would suggest to everyone! On the Saturday, we did some more visiting in the morning and then walked to the Verizon Centre to get there by about 3:00pm. I wanted to be there early to experience the atmosphere.

My dad kept leaving the table at the restaurant we were at (Green Turtle?) and I was really wondering what he was doing. We got into the lobby of the arena by 6:00pm and my parents told me and my brother that we couldn't go in yet. I was prettty sad about this because they were giving away Mike Green bobbleheads at the entrance and I thought it would be cool to get one! Finally, my parents broke the news that forever changed my life :P They told me we were waiting for passes to meet Théo after the game. We had to wait for them because they weren't at the Will Call Booth yet. They arrived a few minutes later and I was able to get the bobblehead.

The game was against Toronto, which was pretty cool because it is always a good game when they play against the Habs and therefore I was expecting a very good game here. The pre game show (video) was AMAZING. I was blown away by the quality of it, and by the sea of red in the arena! The atmosphere in Montréal is amazing but this atmosphere was great as well. The game ended 6-4 for the Caps, a simply great game.

We walked down to the zamboni entrance at the end of the game and gave in our passes. There was only one other couple there (I'm not sure who they went to see) but it was pretty nerve wracking to be sitting there. I didn't know what to expect at all. A few minutes later, I heard my dad saying to someone "oui, c'est nous! (yes, it's us!)" I got up right away and headed towards my dad. I told myself I wouldn't cry because that would be a bit embarassing I guess, but right when I saw him, tears started to fall.

I went down to where there is a barrier and Theo told me to come over it. When I got onto the other side, I just froze, because I didn't know what to do. He told me to come and then he hugged me. We talked for five minutes and took pictures with him. It was the greatest time of my life. Just to be there in front of him was the most amazing thing ever. I could barely talk because I was so shocked. He signed my jersey and hugged me a few more times (I wanted to hug him again before leaving!).

We went back home the next day. This trip was and will always be the most mermorable thing in my life. I will never forget it. After years of having a lung disease and wanting to give up sometimes, this trip has made me believe that dreams do come true. I can't ever thank the person who allowed for this all to happen and Theo. He is so classy and so nice. He may not know it, but he has forever changed my life.


  1. I can't stop myself from being jealous, lol. It's a shame he's not playing in Washington anymore, since I'm probably going to the US next month for a 30-day trip by myself, starting in DC and going to see the Caps. If he was still there, it'd be cool. I even thought of maybe including a trip to Minnesota or maybe schedule so I could be at a game of a Eastern Conference team again the Wild, but I don't think it'll be happening lol.

    You're lucky Joanne, and you know, dreams DO come true :)

  2. Awesome story!!!! Thats so amazing that ur parents were willing to drive down to make it happen for u!!


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