Monday, December 20, 2010

Backstrom in Net, Not Theo against Calgary

Someone asked Russo on Twitter who would be in goal tonight, and he replied:

"Its not even a question. Backstrom."


Then there was this exhange:

"Backstrom is the No 1 RT "twitter person whose name I deleted" @Russostrib so does this mean that splitting starts/ going with the hot guy lasted less than a week?"

I think Theo has a much better attitude than I do about the whole situation. He knows how things go. After the game on Saturday when Theo went out and congratulated Backstrom on the win, he gave him these cute little jabs in the gut. I went ~melt~. ;o)

Here was the most adorable goalie love ever...wish you could see it in action, because the jabs made me go "awwww." ;o) He's a really great and supportive teammate...that's obvious.

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