Sunday, December 5, 2010

Valentina's Theo Stories

I'm happy to share the second submission by readers. This comes to us from Valentina. Thanks for sharing, Valentina!! Great stories. It's so wonderful to hear how nice Theo is to his fans.

By the way, I was familiar with the YouTube video she included below. I had found it on YouTube quite a while ago. I always referred to it as the "José Abs Video," because I got such a kick out of him asking "On my abs? Do I have some?" That's seriously funny! What a surprise when Valentina sent me her story, and she was the girl from the Abs Video!! ;o)

"Back in 2002 Theo captured my attention as he carried the Canadiens into the playoffs and past the Boston Bruins (singlehandedly.) From that point my goal was to meet him in person, but as I was only 12 no one would let me go wait outside the Bell Centre on my own lol. SO finally I got the chance at an invite only photo session at the arena in my hometown. It was 2003 and I was 13, and the night before I was told where I was going and couldn't believe it so much that I started crying! Then the big day came, and as I waited for my turn for an on-ice picture the tears came again. As I walked up to Theo he asked if he was making me cry, and I...for some reason...answered no, and he thought it was funny. After we had our picture taken he leaned in and asked if I'd give him a kiss, and of course I did!!!! (FYI it was on the cheek.) Pretty much a moment I will never ever forget. Recently I asked him if he remebered that, and the fact that I was crying jogged his memory, and we laughed about it. That day I must have had like 10 things for him to sign, and he signed them all, even giving me and my cousin another picture with him. Then he waved goodbye as he saw us leave the parking lot from the balcony where he was sitting.

November 2009 I was at the Capitals practice at the Bell Centre and was determined to have my magazine signed (one where Theo is showing off his amazing abs.) I knew I'd get a fun reaction from him. When he came out he told me he'd sign stuff for me after practice, and when he came back he was surprised at the magazine. I warned him not to sign on his abs, which prompted him to ask if he even had any lol. His reaction was the best. I even posted it on YouTube (see below.) At the end of the video he is going for his stick because I asked him for it, and he obliged, even joking "This stick?" Some people around me even asked if they could hold it for a second and I said "NO." They thought it was because I didn't want them to take it, but that wasn't it....José had touched it, therefore no one else could. Still to this day no one is allowed to touch it when they come over."

Then that night after the game I was able to see him before he got onto the bus to leave, and he had a puck sent over to me to go with my stick! Such a nice guy. And he even risked being run over by an ambulance (that is always in the arena in case of anything) to come over and sign my Habs tuque for me....I was more worried about his safety than he was lol.

In 2008 when he came to Montreal with the Caps I told him it had been wayyyyy too long since I'd seen him play a game, and he said well you're just gonna have to come to Washington. So that April my sister and I headed to Washington for the playoffs. I think he was a little surprised to see us at practice. He even asked if we drove or flew (we flew) and how long we were staying. Then I got him to resign my Caps jersey, because I didn't like that he had signed it on my shoulder and not on the number lol. It was funny.

I went back to Washington for the 2010 playoffs, which did not go as I had planned. The day after that horrible game I saw José in the parking lot before practice and didn't even have any words...just tears. He hugged me and told me it was gonna be ok...the series was tied and he was going to play again...of course we all know the rest of the story...

Everytime I see José he never declines a picture or autograph (even if its the third day in a row I see him and the third picture I ask for lol.) And if giving me a hug everytime I see him isn't enough he even knows me by name!! Amazing!!"


  1. Wow, lucky girl! You've met him so many times! He is such an amazing guy. Never declines to sign an autograph.
    Question for you, how have you managed to see him so many times?! It's such a great story to read, made me smile a lot :D

  2. Sometimes its just being at the right place at the right time lol picking the right hotel to wait at or waiting around in parking garage at Capitals practice facility or being put on the list to see him in montreal through connections

  3. Oh wow, this is so awesome! You're very lucky.

    And I'd know about being at the right place at the right time... I'm probably in the worst place if I ever wanted to meet him, lol!


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