Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Theo Story

I thought since I asked my readers if they wanted to share their Theo stories (times they met José or simply why they are a fan), then I should also share mine. I don't think I've actually written it up anywhere on my site before, so now is as good of time as any.

I am from a hockey wasteland (farm country in West Central Illinois.) And I wasn't exposed to hockey until I watched the 2010 Olympics. My husband started watching a game, and I fell in love with hockey after that one game. I couldn't believe I had never watched it before. And the first players I noticed were the goalies. Now I admit at first it was the masks. Actually Halak's mask with Vladimir Dzurilla was the first one I noticed, and I began researching. I'm a librarian, and I like to research. So I began looking all through the internet about hockey goalies. After watching more I began to really admire the skills it takes to be a goalie...physically and mentally both.

After the Olympics, I began following the NHL. I didn't have a favorite team yet, or a favorite player. I was just watching to learn. Then over the summer, I happened upon the story of why José was a nominee for the Masterton, and it really touched me. How he handled the terrible situation that his family had faced was really inspirational, and at that very moment he became my favorite player; even before I saw him play or knew much about his career. I've always chosen my favorite athletes based on their character; how they carry themselves on and off the field/ice, and how they interact with other players, media, and the fans. He was a perfect example of what I admire in an athlete. Then when I began watching the way he played, I was sold. He has a fan for life here in central Illinois.

So I followed him to the Wild. No matter what team he  plays for, no matter in what capacity, I'll be supporting him. Even when he's no longer in the NHL (hopefully a long time down the road), he will always be my favorite.

I began this blog, because when I first started trying to find out things about his career, the things that I always found first were those stupid Paris stories/photos, or something about Propecia or stupid stuff from the haters out there. I was really irritated with what was out there, when he was such a wonderful guy. So I decided to change that, and I started this blog. I want there to be a place where other fans (or people who are curious and might become fans) can see the articles/videos/photos that are out there in one place.

I've posted these videos before, but they are the initial reason I became a Theo follower (how he handled the Masterton situation.) So since I have no photos of myself with José (and probably never will, since I'm so shy I don't know if I could even approach him to ask for one) I'll post these. And of course, these are just one aspect of José. There's also the fun-loving guy with a great sense of humor that likes to play guitar. And the loving and devoted father, son and brother. You can find representations of all the different aspects of José on this site. Just check out the archives. This just happens to be the first José I saw, and the rest is history. ;o)


  1. I've told you before, but I can do it again, right? I love your story, because it's easy to relate to it. Your dedication makes you a true fan. :)


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