Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 Wild About Children Event

On Monday December 6, 2010 the Minnesota Wild players "swapped their jerseys for aprons" at the annual Wild About Children event held at Pazzaluna Urban Italian Restaurant in St. Paul. This annual event raises money for Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

I'm sure Theo was happy to participate in this event, as helping children's hospitals is a cause near and dear to him.

Here he is serving wine to cute is he?
I thought the shirt that José was wearing that night looked familiar. Isn't it the same one he wore to the check presentation for Saves for Kids (see below?) I really liked the shirt, so it stuck out in my mind.

And here's the group photo from Wild About Children. I'm 99% sure he's in the back row, to the left of Miettinen and Zanon. But he's right behind Madden, and you can only see the top of his head and the corner of his shirt.

Here's a link to the whole photo album on the Wild site. Then here's a video of the event with Eric Nystrom interviewing some of the guys. No shots of José in here, but it's still pretty cute.

Then here is Fox Sports North's video covering the event. Still no José.

During the Dec 9th game Fox Sports North showed a little clip of the event, and it seemed to be slightly different footage than the video they have posted, because José is actually in the background once. I thought it was him when I first saw the clip during the game, and when I saw the photo on the Wild's site and the shirt he was wearing, I realized it definitely was. Here's a screen cap. You can see him (barely) in the center in the background.


  1. It looks like he didn't keep the look he had in the last Movember shot (no great loss, IMHO). Boo on the photographer for letting him hide. And is there someone else to Madden's right who's even less visible? I see parts of a gray jacket and a head with brown hair.

  2. Madden is in the very front, almost middle, all in black. José is directly behind him. I can see the very corner of his black/white checked shirt. The only other one I see that's blocked is Cullen, and he's in almost center, back row, directly behind Nystrom.

  3. Jared Spurgeon could be the kid of one of the Wild players. He's ridiculously kiddish looking for a 21-year-old, and that's being said by a 21-year-old.

    Bad Théo for hiding in the picture! ):

    I love how they have their names embroidered in their aprons... very cute :)

  4. Oh, I know!! Spurgeon looks so young!! I never would've thought he was 21. 18, maybe.

    My eyes are so bad I couldn't even tell their names were on their aprons.

    I need to include a link to the videos, even though José wasn't in them. Nystroms interviews some of the other players in one of them, and it cracks me up for some reason. Backs and José must've coordinated their shirts, because they both have black and white check-type patterns. José's is more plaid and Backs more checked, but similar. Maybe they are BFFs now and call each other about what they are wearing. ;o) That's a cute thought. Haha!!

    I edited showing a photo from the Saves for Kids check presentation, because it looks like José is wearing the same shirt, which I like. I like to think they wear their clothes over and over just like us regular folks. ;o)

  5. Funny thing about Spurgeon is that he looks so short, but he's actually not that short at 5'9... is just that everyone else in the team is so tall! lol he could be anyone's kid right there.

    I have good eyes... I get extra points in class if I spot tiny details that could change a diagnosis ;) of course an embroidered apron makes a whole lot of a difference haha.

    I'm sure Théo appreciates having a goalie buddy around his age... he always looked like a big brother to Varly and Neuvy lol. Maybe there's a Théo and Backs bromance going on? hahaha like TK48 and Tanger lol!

  6. LOL!! Who's TK48? I don't know many Pens...was he the one Tanger did the weather with?

  7. yeah, TK48's Tyler Kennedy. He's always with Tanger in interviews and stuff like the weather forecast. He's a cool kid, and he delivers season tickets to season ticket holders' homes every year, among a few other Penguins, which is kinda neat.


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