Thursday, December 23, 2010

Theo Art by thepatronsaintx

One of my most loyal readers, Berni (otherwise known as thepatronsaintx),  is a wonderfully talented artist. And she's such a huge Theo fan that she enjoys putting her talent into practice by drawing him. She has all of her Theo drawings displayed on her deviatart site here.

Berni is a Pittsburgh Penguins fan living all the way in Chile! Perhaps the only one? And I wouldn't doubt she's the only Theo fan in Chile either. Even though she's a Pens fan, Theo is her favourite goalie. Not only because of how talented he is, but also because he inspires her to draw. And it's drawing that helps her relieve the stress that comes with studying in med school (drawing and watching hockey, of course!) She became a fan of his last year after she began paying attention to the Capitals along with the Penguins.

I met Berni through my blog when she started commenting on my entries, and we've become good friends. Sometimes our exchanges during the Wild's games when Theo's not in net are the only things that make them watchable (you know, when they can't score, for example. ;o) So I'm so glad that you found my site, Berni, and started commenting. And I love your artwork!

It's hard for me to pick favorites of her drawings, because I like them all. So I just selected a sampling to post here. But you can see all her drawings at her site.


  1. Thanks! I'm glad I started commenting on your blog, it's been awesome! Wild games wouldn't be the same without being able to comment with you over twitter :)! Makes being a hockey fan so far away from the action way better!

    See, Théo? You bring people from different countries together. That's how cool you are.

  2. :o) So true! He's awesome in ways he doesn't even realize. ;o)

  3. wow! these are great, keep up the great work :)


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