Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Backstrom in Net, Not Theo on 12/23/10 in Colorado

I assumed this would be the case after Richards gushed about Backs last game, but it's official from Russo's twitter:

Same #mnwild lineup tomorrow at Colorado; Barker, Staubitz scratched; Backstrom starts

On a fun note, I found 2 new José photos last night.

This one is similiar to the other tattoo photos, but I'd never seen the whole left arm before.
Edit: I removed this photo, because I found out it wasn't supposed to be leaked to the internet. I don't want to use a photo I'm not supposed to, so sorry about that.

By the way, you can still make donations to José Saves for Kids Charity. Here's the entry I made explaining how you can do that. The holidays are a great time to remember others by giving to charity.

Then thanks to thepatronsaintx for sending me this one!

New José photos are a great pick-me-up to a cruddy day!!


  1. Hi!! Im your newest follower:-) I absolutely LOVE your blog.
    Ive been a Jose fan since 2002 when he was in Montreal. I just loved his style of play and Im a Leafs fan LOL! :-)
    But in 2002 he was a spoiled kid and now ...well since he was traded from Montreal he proved he is an awesome human being. To me he is like David Beckham as he always proved its too early to write him down.

    And his tatts are BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Hi! And thanks very much! I always love hearing from readers!! I agree that, like most of us, José has matured a lot over the years. I can't imagine how I would've acted if I had his fame and fortune in my 20s. Haha! He really is an awesome human being, great way to say it.

    (By the way, I also like Beckham...did you see the photo of him when he was wiping away a little girl's idea what was going on in the photo, but it was adorable.)

  3. I should try drawing that first picture... I'll put it in my list of possible models, lol.

  4. Excellent!! It's a good one. ;o)


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