Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just Call me...Theo's Mom?

I've been debating whether I should blog this or not, because I try to keep my José blog informational. But I also like to have fun, and I just found this too funny not to share with my readers. I think most of you will take it in the nature that it's intended...goofy fun. ;o)

On Monday I was visiting the official Wild forum over at There was a thread for their goalies, and I had posted a few things there. Well, on Monday there started being some "not so nice" things said about Theo. And I'm sure most of you have run across some of the talk on the internet about him and how some hockey fans just don't like him. And are quite vocal about So brave. ;o) And I get so defensive of him. It really brings out the protector instinct in me for some reason. I'm sure he would not want me trying to fight his battles for him. I'm sure he would just ignore what they say, but I couldn't this time around. So I nicely said some things in his defense, trying to keep it lighthearted. I made a comment about "Oh, now that's just mean" or something similar, again trying to make light and not confrontational. One guy came back with, "Sorry Theodore's mom, that's how we play here."

At first I was like, What? But then I just started laughing, literally out loud! Because that is what I'm like...I'm l ike his mom trying to defend him. I joked back that even though I had just had a birthday, I was NOT old enough to be his mom. Haha!!

Then the guy posted that stupid photo of Theo that's around the nets where there's a beachball photoshopped into the net behind him. And I said, "Oh Theo's mom is most displeased now!!" And we made it into a joke. But really, that's what I feel like, and I had even commented to a friend of mine more than once that I'm like a mama bear with her cub when it comes to him.

And just for the record, I am most certainly not old enough to be his mother...just his slightly older sister. ;o)

Edit (I removed the photo of the Mama bear and her cub here, because I kept getting people searching Google images searching for mama bear photos, and I don't think they care about this blog. ;o)
So I think I'll start signing my posts over at the goaltending thread as "Theo's Mom." And there's my fun for the day.


  1. I saw that and actually laughed. That guy was a dick lol but a lot of hardcore hockey fans are (just go read comments in youtube videos, it's kind of amusing). I defend Theo too, but as I said, I'm way too young for being his mother... so I'm just gonna stick with being his annoying littlest sister lol!

  2. It was good times. Haha!! Theo has some really loyal fans out here. I think he appreciates us. ;o)

  3. I'd like to know what he thinks about having a fan all the way here in Chile. I mean, if it were me having a fan so far away, I'd be flattered. haha

  4. I'm sure he'd be flattered! He seems to really appreciate his fans.

  5. i was going to go check the posts on the forum, but then i realized that if i see the post this guy wrote, i am going to freak out and i'm going to be really rude and i don't like being rude. but i will defend théo all the time but sometimes i get a little too excited about it and i don't want to cause a big thing on the forum!

  6. Nah, it's all good. They were "mostly" joking. Nothing as bad as I've read elsewhere. For the most part they've been pretty supportive of him on the Wild forums. They realize the team he's playing with isn't helping him out at all. It was just a couple little comments that didn't go any further. Made me laugh more than anything. I decided I wasn't going to argue with them, and it died down. They got my point, and we certainly aren't going to change the minds of haters. I'm sure Theo would tell us to just ignore them, because he's a lot classier than all of them put together! :o)

  7. I found the forum -- a little bit of testosterone being spilled, but generally good natured. And at least the discussion stuck to hockey...

  8. I agree that they, for the most part, aren't a bad bunch of guys over there. Again, nothing as bad as I've heard from Avs fans. I'm just so amazed how mean and nasty hockey fans talk about the players, coaches, and teams in general. Really mean and hateful stuff. They talk 100 times worse about the other guys on the team. So I don't really read much of that stuff. I don't think they get near as much crap as players in Montreal or Toronto though. I will never understand the need to talk so mean about an athlete that's not done anything wrong other than not play up to their standards. They haven't killed anyone or hurt anyone or killed their dog or burned their house. But as badly as they talk, you'd think they had. I just don't like it, and that's why I don't hang out on those forums much.

    But please don't anyone go there and cause trouble because of what I posted here. This was all in good fun, and I actually enjoyed the Theodore's Mom comment. ;o)


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